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Congratulations to us all for the winning outcome in the special election in NY-3. Because of our members' effort and support, our friend Tom Suozzi is going back to Washington. So many constituencies – Labor, ethnic communities, environmental groups, local Democratic clubs, and so many more – played a role in getting him elected and if any of those pieces of the puzzle fell out of place, then it may not have been the successful result we were working for. But I know with utmost certainty that if the members of Local 3 didn't step up like they did and put in the work from Day 1 in this sprint of an election and continue that effort up until 9pm on Election Day, we wouldn't be celebrating this victory.

We know that our members were involved early and often, talking to other Local 3 members on the phones and on their doorsteps, visiting union households in Queens and Nassau, talking to voters at their homes and at the train stations, participating in rallies, and letting everyone who would listen know that Tom Suozzi was the right candidate for the district and the right person for this moment in America. Our members were educated on the candidates and on the issues, and that's what drove the surge of support and volunteers knowing how critical this race was and how much of an impact it has on us and our livelihoods. Through several Rank-and-File email newsletters, articles in the Electrical Union World, reports at our General Membership meeting and affiliated club meetings over the last two months, and with conversations between members on the jobs, our members understood the moment.

Over the course of the election, nearly 1,000 Local 3 members were involved in some way, shape or form. Over 60 volunteers made over 6,100 phone calls to Local 3 members directly. Nearly 100 volunteers knocked on 1,000 IBEW member doors, delivering yard signs and flyers. Over 150 volunteers visited 2,500 union member households in coordination with the NYC Central Labor Council and LI Federation of Labor. Dozens of apprentices filled out 3,700 postcards to registered voters in the Massapequa region alone. Hundreds of hours were spent volunteering after work for the campaign, talking to voters directly. This effort absolutely impacted the outcome of this election. This effort was impressive, and everyone answered the calls to help, over and over.

It feels good to get a win, and we need to make sure we ride this momentum throughout the year, starting with voter registration and COPE participation and then onto the primary election in June and the general election in November.

Thank you again for all the effort put into getting Congressman Suozzi elected, let's celebrate and start working on our next win.