There is nothing more important than mentoring the next generation of active Local 3 members.

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You will be required to mentor the apprentice in the IBEW Code of Excellence.

Your responsibilities as a Mentor are
  • You will be required to meet with the apprentice at least monthly to deal with problems or issues they may be having on the job.
  • You will be required to take calls from the apprentice and talk with them weekly or more if necessary if they have questions relating to Local 3 IBEW or the electrical industry.
  • You will be required to attend a “Training the Mentor” class.
  • You may be required to submit progress reports on the apprentice to the mentoring program.
  • You will be required to accompany your apprentice to Local 3 rallies and to teach the meaning of solidarity and trade unionism.
  • You will be required to assist the apprentice if they are having trouble with on the job training
  • You will follow this apprentice from a TA-1 until they turn out.
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