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A Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

We are past the midpoint of summer, so I hope you have had the chance to relax, rest, and enjoy some time with your families. While some of the more formal events and meetings have slowed down, our affiliated clubs and divisions have been active all summer, bringing our members and families together like they do best.

The Allied Club of Queens and the Local 3 Motorcycle Club co-hosted their annual beach bbq, the Staten Island Electrical Club held their annual Family Day picnic, and the Welfare Club went on a fishing trip. The ‘J’ Division held their picnic this weekend, and the Santiago Iglesias is partnering with the Spartan 419 for a picnic soon too. Each weekend has seen clubs and divisions out at the LI Educational Center taking the Critical Thinking course, while Camp Integrity at Redwood has been in full swing for the children of our members.

That’s what solidarity looks like. Next up is the Labor Day Parade in a few short weeks. Put it on your calendars. See you in September.