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The power grab by Putin in Ukraine should remind all of us how fragile a country’s sovereignty really is in today’s world. The discourse and division that Trump brought to America and his praise of the Russian leader seemed to have emboldened him to launch the attack. 

To put the Russian nuclear forces on alert is madness, and for Trump and Fox News to undermine our President during this crisis puts our country and the American people in peril, not to mention all of Europe as well. Wake up America.

There is plenty of blame to go around for our present circumstances in both parties. Electing leaders who will represent all Americans and move our country forward for all AMERICANS is the answer. Switching agendas every four years with the spoils going to the winners is a recipe for disaster. Americans need to stand up for America, and who better than the Labor Movement to lead that charge? We are the working class but we are barely holding on for the middle class. We need to grow this movement. Working men and women deserve better. The failure to mobilize and vote for majorities in both the Senate and the House who will not only protect our interests but also move our agenda forward is a recipe for disaster. The other side is fighting just as hard to protect their interests. They have the money, and there is no middle ground for them, no compromise. Here’s their playbook: control state legislatures including election boards; gerrymander; limit voting rights; divide our country over what used to be God, guns, and gays but now includes white supremacy and immigration; and control a partisan Supreme Court and conservative Federal Judges across the country dooming reproductive rights and yes, even labor rights.

The 1% refuses to fairly share the wealth in America, the wealth that was created by the working class. And guess what, you don’t matter to them. They could care less about you and your interests. This fight isn’t new, and they’ve successfully tempered their only viable opponent, the Labor Movement. The sleeping giant needs to awaken before we end up with a Putin in the White House.