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Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

Congratulations to our first elected female governor, the Honorable Kathy Hochul, along with Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, and Attorney General Tish James.

Thank you to the members who turned out the last few weeks to get it done. While the results of the Long Island congressional races were disappointing, the President’s party will maintain its majority in the United States Senate under the leadership of Chuck Schumer, and that’s great news. If the House majority flips as expected, the Biden Administration will be hard pressed to pass any more pro-worker legislation. Thank God they were able to pass the extraordinary amount of bills they did in his first two years that will benefit millions of Americans, and especially millions of union members like us.

It galls me to think if the Long Island seats seal the deal for the Republicans in the House and if the union building tradesmen who live and work on the Island had a hand in delivering those seats. They’d have basically cut their own throats by ending the opportunity for the most pro-union President ever to continue to pass the bills that strengthen organized labor, secure union pensions, and rebuild our infrastructure with those same union building tradesmen. I say shame on them. It’s mind boggling that union members, especially in New York, could support those same candidates who support “Right-to-Work” laws that will basically destroy their own unions. What don’t they get about that? It’s nuts, and you know what else? It’s pretty sad that they will lose everything before they finally get it, and then it might be too late. Where’s the leadership? WTFU.