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Photo courtesy of Climate Jobs NY.

Local 3 joined our partners in the Climate Jobs NY coalition on Monday, December 11th for a tour of P.S. 62 Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability, a net-zero public school on Staten Island.

P.S. 62 is a paradigm the City should strive toward for all its public schools and buildings. The school, which opened in 2015 and was constructed with 100% union labor, is a two-story, 68,000 sq. ft. building with over 2,000 solar panels, a green roof, a wind turbine, and more renewable energy sources and connectivity. The building itself is used as a learning tool in energy conservation and environmental protection lessons for students.

Attendees were informed on how the building operates and how renewables are used to ensure it is a sustainable benefit to the surrounding community. Assistant Business Manager of Construction Joseph Santigate shared the importance of good construction jobs with prevailing wages. Local 3 is committed to being active in our communities and ensuring a sustainable and an equitable future is possible for future generations.