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A lot of news these days and a lot of distractions. COVID-19 continues to plague the country. Our vigilance here has kept the majority of New Yorkers safe, but do not, I repeat, do not let your guards down. Masks and social distancing are easy and effective so continue to take the precautions on the job, and let the Construction Desk know about any sites not meeting the required safe conditions. Back to school is a big deal as students and teachers must be protected. Essential workers must be protected. The current administration in Washington has failed to protect Americans from this pandemic and the economic devastation that it has brought with it.

The IBEW has endorsed Joe Biden, and his historic pick for Vice President Kamala Harris has shaken the Trump campaign. She brings strength and diversity to the Democratic ticket and I believe will put them over the top. You should be receiving the Union World this week and I urge you to read the editorial. I have laid out the case. This is not the America that any of us should be proud of. We are at the crossroads, brothers and sisters, and we need a leader. We need a President who we can be proud of, a President who can bring about a brighter future for all of us, together, again.

Our democracy is centered on the electoral process. Foreign interference and the attacks on mail-in voting and the US Postal Service are all deliberate, as is the attempt in many red states to suppress voting and voting rights. The threat to cancel or challenge the election is as un-democratic as it gets. That happens in countries run by dictators and we cannot stand by and allow that to happen in America. Every vote should be counted, win or lose, for or against, but it has to be fair and square. It’s who we are and the world is watching.