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Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

I want to thank our members who attended the Rise for Climate Change Rally and March. I greatly appreciate the support to stand for one of the most challenging problems we as human beings face today. Look beyond your day to day struggles, think about what the future holds for your children and your grandchildren, and join the fight so they know that when it was your time to act, to fix this, you did everything you could for their sake. Together we can fix this.

Once again, an unbelievable turnout for this year’s Labor Day Parade. Our members stood shoulder to shoulder and demonstrated their commitment to our union and the trade union movement by proudly marching up 5th Avenue. We will not be silent and the message was clear - this is a union town and we will never give up the fight to protect our values and our standards.

Finally, your opportunity to participate in the direction of our country, our state, and our city is at hand. Thursday, September 13 is Primary Day in NY and we urge you to do your civic duty as a citizen of this great country and exercise your right to vote. As former president Obama reminded us, we need to elect those willing to move our country forward. Progress is measured in small victories: one election, one law, one step forward that makes it a little better. It won’t happen if you choose not to vote. There is much at stake and our democracy is at risk. Let’s fix this. Support those that stand with labor and your economic interests.