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Phase 1 non-essential construction, manufacturing and some retail for online pick-up opened today in NYC. Good news for some 300,000 to 400,000 workers going back to work. Be alert and be smart. Follow the protocols: masks, gloves and social distancing. The trains and buses will be a challenge and there is no guarantee that the numbers will hold on the decreasing trend. Hopefully we have weathered the worst and a vaccine will soon be available.

The ”pause” has had a profound effect on our lives and everything will be different in a post-covid world. The anticipated growth outlook in work opportunities from earlier in the year has been dampened. MTA and airport construction projects as well as other sectors are in question and we could be looking at potential long term unemployment. Every job is critical.

For the next 60 days, we have agreed to temporary modifications including staggering start times, potential four 10 hour shifts in a week, and a 5% shift differential. These modifications are to encourage the jobs on the fence to move forward and to allow for a spreading out of the workforce both on the job and on the way to and from the job. Again, follow the protocols. We will review the impact of the modifications in 30 and then 60 days from June 8th. We also addressed the work sharing plan with modifications and return to work policies. Letters have been sent from the JIB.

Throughout all this craziness, we can’t lose sight of the upcoming primaries and the elections in November. We can’t be distracted from voting or participating in the activities that ensure we elect those who have our economic interests at heart and will protect workers’ rights. Let’s not drop our guard or our commitment to make that happen. There will be updated info and endorsements in this week’s edition of Union World.

Circumstances have given us the pause to reflect on what is and what can be. The division in our country is self-serving, the inequality in our country is self-serving. Division in our union is self-serving and it will weaken and ultimately destroy us. America is no different. The legitimate protests in our country are a wake-up call. The fundamental tenets of our constitution and our democracy are at risk. Black lives matter. All lives matter and deserve respect. There will be change.