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Memorial Day, a special day when we pause to remember those who gave their lives for our country. World War I was a long time ago. World War II, there are still a few who were there and are still around. Korea and Vietnam, we honor the fallen and also those post-9/11 who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and other unnamed places where we fought those who hate America and all that we stand for. Unlike the hate and the divisions that we are seeing in our own country among our own citizens, the terrorists don’t discriminate between Democratic and Republican soldiers or the Americans they murdered in the World Trade Center and on those airliners that clear day almost 20 years ago. They were American soldiers and American citizens. Different races, different religions, different political parties, but all Americans.

I don’t think those who attacked our capital on January 6th at the behest of the great divider cared whom they could have put their hands on either. Or the whacked-out QAnons or the mass shooters or the Russians or the Chinese who want to bring this country down. To them we are all the same, we’re Americans. You want to take sides, ok, it’s in the political arena where we take sides, and Americans do have differences of opinion. But our democracy is founded on the electoral process. You support the candidate whom you believe will represent your interests, and if you lose, you accept the loss, move on and try harder next time.

Early voting in the NYC primary election starts next week, and I hope you give consideration to and support our endorsed candidates. Ranked-choice voting will apply, and while you may like a candidate for one reason or another, there is nothing more important than voting to protect your economic interests and union security by putting that candidate first. The simple litmus test, how many of the mayoral candidates have ever even marched in the Labor Day Parade? Only one, and that’s all that should matter.