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Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

The NYS Public Service Commission took an unprecedented action against Charter Communications doing business in New York State as Spectrum. They ordered the company to basically get out of New York for failing to fulfill its agreed-to commitments when the PSC approved the merger agreement with Time Warner. This allowed them to operate in New York State. Local 3 members have been on strike for over a year with this corporation who basically forced the work stoppage, insisting that their employees come out of our defined benefit pension plan and give up the union medical. Good things happen to good people.

Employment in the construction division in both NYC and Westchester continues to improve and the work opportunity in our jurisdiction looks promising for the near future.

The Port Authority of NY and NJ has reached a tentative agreement with the Local 3 Port electricians. The contract provides for significant adjustments and retroactively going back to 2006. A long time. The agreement is subject to the ratification of the membership.

We need to continue to educate one another. There is a proud history in our organization that is responsible for our success and our high standards and that's a culture that lies deep inside generations of Local 3 members who continue to do the right thing. Our behavior reflects a culture that defines us as highly skilled, we are productive, we work in a safe and workmanlike manner. We are proud of who we are and we look out for one another.