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I hope we all can set aside the things that may separate us, even if it’s just for a week. We should all be thankful that we live in a country where we have the right to our opinions even though they may be different from yours or mine.

However, as members of this great organization, we have benefits that were brought about because of our strength, and that strength came from our unity.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day with family and friends, as there is lots to be thankful for. We are getting a handle on the pandemic and in-person gatherings are back, as is the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Lots of traditions to celebrate, like the “March of the Wooden Soldiers,” Alice’s Restaurant, the turkey, football, and naps. So enjoy, and remember to help those less fortunate. Again I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

We celebrate and observe Harry Van Arsdale Jr.'s birthday, November 23, on the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday in his honor. Read his biography, study the history, join the HVA Jr. Memorial Association. Honor Harry and his legacy. Let’s be thankful for all that he accomplished on our behalf, but let's protect it and continue to move forward.

Also, join us Sunday in Harry’s Electchester as we light the menorah, the kinara, and the Christmas tree to mark the beginning of the Holiday Season. It’s a great event, bring the family, and let's come together.