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We are pleased to announce that JIB Medical now has the most advanced mammography available for participants in the Plan. The new machine utilizes “tomosynthesis,” which is commonly referred to as “3D mammography.”

A 3D mammogram allows radiologists to recognize abnormalities more easily and to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage. It does this by taking additional images that allow the computer to reconstruct breast images into a 3-D image of your breast tissue. It is also more effective for women with dense breast tissue who also get a breast sonogram. It often reduces the need for additional visits. The x-ray dose of mammograms has been lowered to much lower levels. The 3D configuration does not add any additional radiation. The new machine has been designed to greatly reduce the discomfort older machines used to cause.

JIB Medical radiology does only screening mammography. If an abnormality is found, the patient is referred to a radiology facility for additional testing. Please call 1-718-591-2014 to schedule your appointment.