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We are in the last couple of days to hash out a new agreement. There is so much at stake for so many. Our ability to compete on every job remains critical. Residential, retail, and interior renovation markets remain at risk as open shop contractors continue to make inroads. Our benefits are dependent on hours worked. Maintaining our work-sharing program, improving our benefits, and protecting our retirees are issues front and center, and we need a raise. Any agreement must work for both sides. It’s crunch time.

It’s also Holy Week for Christians, Jews, and Muslims across the globe. Let’s all pray for an end to the death and suffering in Ukraine.

And finally, personally, a tough week has passed. I buried my brother Gerard. He, unfortunately, joins a list of Local 3 members who have passed away after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001, having succumbed to certified 9/11-related illnesses which they incurred as a result of their exposure to the toxins while working at the WTC site during the recovery and reconstruction efforts. We honor their sacrifice and know this list unfortunately will continue to grow. So many cards, flowers, and condolences from friends and family. Our Local 3 family. Great stories and good memories. On behalf of his wife Karen, his daughter Patricia, and the entire Erikson family, thank you for being there for us and for him.