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The IBEW has published a new monthly newsletter highlighting how President Biden and his administration's actions are benefitting working people and IBEW members. Thanks to IBEW members pushing their Senators and Representatives in Congress, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework negotiated by the Biden administration is working its way through the legislative process and will provide nearly $1 trillion in infrastructure investment all over our country.

Additionally, there continues to be a concerted push for the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) to ensure that when the nearly 500,000 EV charging stations are built out across the United States, the IBEW's credentialing program is the basis for the installation of this EV infrastructure, further ensuring that IBEW members and signatory contractors with the requisite skills, safety standards, and union wages and benefits are integral to this effort.

Read more about what's happening on the IBEW's dedicated “Build Back Better” website and in the July newsletter.