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New calendar. COVID through the roof. This week begins with too many Local 3 staff and clericals and family members testing positive. I’m sure it’s the same in your lives as well. We can only hope that you’re vaccinated and that if you contract it, then the symptoms are mild. However, that’s still not comforting to those with family members who are compromised, including the very young and the very old.

Our new Mayor has left intact the Emergency Executive Order and Health Commissioner Order mandating vaccinations to enter the workplace. The employers have the responsibility to manage that, but it is the law. Tough stuff for an anti-vaxxer. You may be entitled to an exemption, but your boss’ customer doesn’t have to honor it. Still not clear on NYS unemployment if you’re not vaccinated and get terminated. Being deemed unavailable by the Employment Department normally means medical coverage stops. COBRA is not cheap and fake vaccination cards are a federal offense.

The reality is that this is still a pandemic. It is a national health emergency, and people are still dying - mostly unvaccinated people. Your right to not be vaccinated, whether you get sick and die or not, does not trump my right not to get COVID from you, killing me or my family. The government and its institutions have every right and responsibility to protect its citizens. Tough love. Happy New Year.