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Happy Labor Day, sisters and brothers! We say it every year, but this year we really have a reason to be happy about it. The IBEW has never been as closely connected to a President as we are to President Biden. The list is long of the actions he has taken to protect workers, our safety, our right to organize, mandating Project Labor Agreements, strengthening Davis Bacon and expanding apprenticeships, promoting union jobs and expanding our work opportunity with tons of incentives for green energy IBEW jobs. The IBEW is at the table. It’s a big deal.

This Saturday we march. It is my hope that every member fulfills their responsibility to be there. Our Grand Marshal, U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, a proud trade unionist, will lead us off. A union man running the Department of Labor — another gift from President Biden. Workers’ interests are getting a fair shake, not only at the DOL, but at the NLRB and OSHA and many other agencies as well.

We got killed in all of those agencies for four years under Trump’s appointments. Scalia, Acosta, come on. The judicial appointments plus the Supreme Court, all a disaster, and we were warned.

Well, I’m warning you again. If the Democrats lose the U.S. House or the Senate in the midterm elections, then the wheels come off, and all the good work that our President has done for us not only ends, but some of it could be reversed. Your vote makes a difference, so be engaged and protect the organization that protects you and the economic security of your family. It’s embarrassing that I even have to ask, but I know the members of Local 3 are going to come through. Let’s do this.

See you Saturday and bring the family. Happy Labor Day!