Examining Board Member

Upon the resignation of Louis Alverez from the Examining Board, with the recommendation of Business Manager Christopher
Erikson, Stella Fafalios was elected to fill Brother Alverez’s unexpired term on the Examining Board. She is a first-generation member of Local 3. She is the daughter of immigrant parents Emmanuel and Pat Fafalios. Her father is a retired member of DC9.

She was accepted into the apprenticeship program in 2007 and received her “A” card in August 2012. Throughout her apprenticeship she was an active member of the “A” Apprentice Advisory Committee. While on the Committee she served as a member of the Board of Directors in 2008 & 2009, Sergeant at Arms in 2010 & Chairwoman in 2011. She was also a part of the apprentice negotiating team in 2010.

She is currently a general foreman for Eastern Electric at 1 WTC. She is a member of the Keystone Club, Allied Club & Greek Orthodox Council. She is a member of the EWMC & NY Chapter of LCLAA. She is also a member of the mentorship committee, as well as a mentor to three apprentices. She has participated in several conferences representing Local 3, including two AFL-CIO young workers conferences, women’s conference and EWMC.

She attended LaGuardia Community College, Hunter College & Empire State College. She was raised in Astoria Queens, where she currently resides.