Elevator Divsion

Robert T. Olenick was appointed as a Business Representative in April 1997. Roberts many assignments include the Elevator Division, New York Racing Association, General Electric, DMS Motor Shops, as well as several miscellaneous contracts in the DBM and Manufacturing Divisions.

After his initiation into LU No.3, IBEW in January 1981, he completed his apprenticeship in the Elevator Division in 1985.While working at Archer Elevator Co, Robert was appointed Shop Steward. He was elected to the Advisory Board of the Elevator Division in November of 1991, became a member of the EE Division Safety Committee in 1992, the Joint Employment Committee in 1993 and the JATC Committee and Screening Board in 1994, as well as being appointed Vice Chairman in May 1994. Shortly thereafter he was elected Chairman of the Division a position he held until his appointment as Business Representative in 1997. Robert was a member of the Labor Day Parade Committee from 1994 through 1996.In 1996 Robert was elected to the Election Board and was a Delegate at the New York State AFL-CIO Convention. Robert served as an alternate delegate at the 36th IBEW International Convention in San Francisco, California in September 2001 and the 37th IBEW International Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in September 2006.

In Addition, Robert serves as a Trustee to the Elevator Division Retirement Benefit Plan, The Joint Industry Board, The Electrical Safety Fund, The Elevator Division JATC, Joint Employment Committee and Dental Benefit Plan as well as the Pension Plans for the Mutual Department, Maintenance Department, and Admissions Departments of The New York Racing Association Inc. and serves as a member of the NYC Elevator Code Committee.

Robert is a member of the Sportsmen’s Club and in his spare time enjoys Hunting, Fishing, Boating, and Cooking.