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A Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

I hope all the dads had a good day yesterday. I know it’s tough to hold on during these trying times, especially if you’re out of work with the pressure that brings. We continue to do everything to secure the work, but our competition needs to organize and we need to help them. The Union can’t create the work, we never could, but we have been through tough times before. There is work out of town across the IBEW so call the Construction Desk. Also, the second half of the work sharing plan kicks in in two weeks, and we anticipate between 500 and 600 furlough replacements will be sent out. Thank God for the supplemental benefits and the continuation of our medical and the work sharing plan, it’s what a union is all about, so hang in there. 

Tomorrow night we will be holding an event at the Hall at 5 pm about Juneteenth, which is Wednesday. There will be discussions and presentations on why it is so important to African Americans. Join us tomorrow night, and you’ll learn something. Knowledge is power. We have a diverse membership, equality and inclusion for all is what will continue to strengthen this organization. A house divided cannot stand, and we cannot let anything or anyone divide us. God Bless Local 3.