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A Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

When you enter the voting booth, you might question what each candidate will do for you. You should be asking what each candidate will do to you. Think about it.

The only legislation Trump passed was a trillion-dollar tax cut for the wealthy and the corporations. He packed the Supreme Court with conservative Justices who carry out his agenda, and he leaned on them publicly to rule his way. Hundreds of anti-union judges appointed to the federal courts – lifetime appointments making decisions that already have undermined the Trade Union movement and the middle class in America. He took away collective bargaining rights for federal workers. Tried to undermine and water down our apprentice programs, PLA’s, Davis Bacon, defined benefit pensions, and Prevailing Wages. He publicly supported Right to Work and threatened Social Security and Medicare benefits that you have paid into over a lifetime. Not to mention the attacks on the Capitol and our democracy. Now guilty on 34 counts and more to come. WTFU, Local 3! Everything you hold dear is at risk, and the scope is pointed right at your back.