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A Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

This past weekend was truly a Local 3 weekend. Friday night's "Brawl at the Hall" was a great night for the Sportsmen’s Club and for Local 3. We had a packed house, great crowd, great fights, and two deserving honorees in past Club President and longtime Shop Steward, Tom Mohan, and Senior Assistant Business Manager Chris Erikson Jr. Well done by the club for the 27th year in a row. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations to the Brooklyn Bedsole Kingsboro Club as well for a great night on Saturday, hosting their annual Ladies' Night dinner dance. Another well-attended event with two great honorees: Local 3 Examining Board member Francis Gonsalves and Local 3 Recording Secretary Michael Loreto. Both were honored by the club, along with our officers and representatives, and guests from all of the affiliated clubs of Local 3.

Also, dozens of Local 3 members stepped up once again on Staten Island and in Brooklyn, this year in the rain and wind and ugly conditions, to help support the Bread of Life food drive. Thank you to all who came out for such a great cause.

It’s great to see the membership back post-COVID, not only at these events and others like them, but at the General Membership meetings as well. The strength of our Union is predicated on the support and participation of our members. Harry urged us to support the organization that supports you. Together we face the challenges and continue to move forward. The next generation, our newer and younger members, are critical to our future success. We will be successful if our members remain vigilant and become active in all we do. Remind those who just take everything that we have for granted and never lift a finger that it’s all at risk. Our strength is in our unity, and that means all of us. Be a proud and active member. Be proud of the organization that provides everything for you and your families, from the cradle to the grave. Happy Easter and Happy Ramadan! Peace and love to all.

A very local 3 weekend