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Brother and sister Local 3 members, I just wanted to take this opportunity after 53 years in our industry to say thank you, as it is with great pride and appreciation that I have decided to retire. Having come through the ranks of the apprenticeship, receiving my 'A' card in 1976, I am proud to now be listed as a Local 3 IBEW Honor Member.

The Joint Industry Board is such a unique institution, and it is unfortunate that more industries have not replicated it in an effort to further harmonious labor management relations. I truly appreciate the tremendous trust that you, the Local 3 membership, have put in me. Of course, I could not have served the members without the support of the Local 3 leadership and the Employer Trustees and Board members. I am forever grateful to the late Harry Van Arsdale Jr. and Tom Van Arsdale as well as the present Business Manager, Christopher Erikson, for giving me so many opportunities to be of assistance to this Industry.

As a shop steward, an Apprentice program electrical theory and college instructor, a club President, your Educational and Cultural Director, and for 17 years the JIB Chairman, I never lost sight of my mission to build a better union and help my brother and sister members. I also realize that the hard work and skills of each and every one of you was the source which made it possible for me to be the JIB chair. Whether it was solving a benefits issue, developing new Programs, expanding the diversity of our Industry, or dealing with the difficulties of high unemployment, I hope that I have lived up to your expectations.

Thank you again for your support.