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The numbers are trending in the right direction and the signs are pointing to life getting back to normal. Restaurants, workplaces, Broadway, stadiums and arenas, churches, schools, and our union meetings are all getting back on track. Hopefully this time we really have turned the corner. The refrigerator trucks full of bodies discovered in Brooklyn are a stark reminder of the horror of where we were just a little over one year ago.

We can never forget that. The refusal of people to vaccinate, wear a mask, or social distance is really unbelievable. It’s a pandemic, and it's killed hundreds of thousands of people. Pretty nuts to protect someone else’s right to compromise your health and the health of your family.

Until we’re all vaccinated, it appears that we will have to continue to protect ourselves, and most will. They know it's the way out of this. But those who don’t will continue to get sick, and some will die — a pretty stiff price to pay for not wanting to wear a mask. Variants and booster shots will be a regular part of our near future, but let’s pray that ventilators and mass graves are not. Americans have endured, some better than others, but COVID-19 continues to ravage the human race across the globe. The Biden Administration got it right, as the vaccinations have saved lives and are the answer if we ever expect to put those masks away for good. Let’s get it done.