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Some good news for a change, I have a new grandson. Dylan John, born 2/27. Everybody’s good. The other good news is that people are getting vaccinated and the positive tests, hospitalizations, and Covid-19 deaths have all gone down. Unfortunately, that doesn’t reconcile for the half-million lives lost so far. The President's commemoration at the White House last week marking the sad loss was both overwhelming and consoling. What we have been lacking for the past 4 years. That moment of silence brought tears to the eyes of many Americans, but especially to those who have lost loved ones, most of whom died without the presence or comfort of family at their sides. That inability to be there both with them and for them has caused immeasurable pain for their survivors and will take a long time, if ever, to heal. I urge you all to please continue to practice safe protocols to protect yourselves and your families.

Local Law 196 went into effect today requiring full site safety cards. Be advised that if you are unemployed and don’t have the site safety card, you will not be referred out to work. When you get called for a job, you will be given a two-week grace period to complete your credentials to remain available for work. If still incomplete after the two-week period, you will be deemed unavailable and immediately sent a COBRA notice if you want to continue your medical.

If you are employed and need the SST card to continue working for your present employer, they may put you on furlough or you may use your five wage replacement days to complete the credentials before returning to work. If you are not eligible for furlough, you may be put on a two-week max temporary layoff during which time you can complete the requirements and get the card in order to return to your present employer. If you do not complete the full SST card after the temporary two-week layoff, the layoff becomes permanent and you will be deemed unavailable for work and not eligible for your medical benefits until you complete the full SST card.

Temporary layoffs will only be an option through the end of March.

I also urge anyone not currently working on a DOB job with the SST requirements to make sure they have their full SST credentials in place. You don't want to find yourself in a situation that affects your employment and ability to provide for your family because of a lack of credentials. I want to thank the more than 11,000 members who have satisfied the requirements and have their cards. Good job.