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It was announced at the November 14th General Membership meeting that President John E. Marchell’s will be retiring. Marchell, who is a 2nd-generation member since 1964, mentioned that he had missed only three general meetings since being elected president in 2003.

“I’ll always do what I can for the local,” Marchell said.

Recording Secretary Tom Cleary will succeed him as president effective November 25. Michael Loreto, a foreman in the field and President of the Catholic Council of Electrical Workers was sworn in as the new Recording Secretary.

Local 3 Pres

In other news:

  • Furlough went into effect November 4
  • No serious injuries since last General Membership Meeting (October 10)
  • Michael Yee was appointed to represent construction and Building Trades on the NYS Climate Action Council (nominated by BCTC Pres. Gary LaBarbera)
  • $40 billion citywide PLA is in the final stages; much focus on negotiating for solar installations as 100% electrical work and potentially hiring residents in directly-impacted communities as helpers
  • Volunteers are going to Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas, which was hit by a Category 4 Hurricane Dorian in August (worst natural disaster in Bahama’s history). The first group left on Wednesday, November 20.
  • Call Construction Department (718)591-4000 to volunteer for Survey Assignments.
  • Local Law 196: SST Cards need to be processed by December 1st.
  • The Business Manager went to Israel and Palestine on a trip sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council.