Date Posted a phrase that by definition is used to convey that regular exercise of an activity or skill is the way to become proficient in it, especially when encouraging someone to persist in it. You can apply it to a number of activities like the work we do or for children learning the alphabet or riding a bike. I want to encourage our members to apply it to exercising our right to vote. We give up that right when we choose not to vote and the result is the mess that we find ourselves in today.

Spectrum and the recent General Motors strike are proof that the war on workers is continuing. The non-union ABC contractors, the Center for Union Facts, “Right to Work” advocates, the Koch brothers and their like are reveling in the support they have within this present administration. Are you getting this? The challenges by the non-union open shop contractors in New York are real, the threat by the Democratic Socialists of America to take over trade unions including ours is real. These threats to our way of life are real and you need to be engaged in the fight.

Talk is cheap. The Democratic Party has certainly disappointed many of us as they have taken Labor for granted. Our government, partisan and divided, has lost their way and their responsibility to govern and protect ALL of the citizens of our great country seems to have disappeared.

The answer lies in the power of the people. This is a participatory democracy, and we can’t sit back and let others decide our future. November 5th is Election Day. No federal elections this year but elections none the less. Practice make perfect. Commit to vote and set the time aside to cast your vote. Next year will be critical. We can and will make a difference, and your vote will make a difference.

There are many good people - moderates, progressives, and incumbents alike - that will fight for us who need our votes. They may be challenged by those who want to take our country in a new direction without consideration for working people. Those who have been our friends need our support as much as we need theirs.

Don’t just think about it, do it. We can win and we can prevail if we fulfill our responsibility to vote and protect our union way of life.