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Local Union No. 3 will be holding its General Election of Officers on May 13, 2023. As required by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, as amended Title IV – Elections, Unions are required to mail election notices to members last known home address and to comply with candidates’ requests to distribute campaign literature.

Union Officials regularly place a change of mailing address form in the UNION WORLD Newspaper but are taking additional steps to update the member mailing list in preparation of the upcoming election.

As per Local Union No. 3 Bylaws:

Article III, Officers-Elections-Duties; Section 4 (f): All members in good standing and qualified shall be entitled to vote.

Article XII, Admission of Members; Section 2: Apprentices shall be entitled to all the rights and benefits of and are charged with all the duties and obligations of membership, except that they cannot hold office nor have any voice or vote.

Article XIV General Laws, Section 5: Each Member shall keep the Financial Secretary informed of his/her correct address, who in turn shall notify the IBEW.

Any member who has recently moved or who has not received communications from Local 3 are encouraged to update their personal information by filling out the “Change of Address” form. The Form should be mailed to Local Union No. 3, Attention “Address Changes” at 158-11 Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Ave Flushing NY 11365. Additional copies of the form can be found on the Local 3 Website by clicking here.

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