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What's the difference between a non-union electrician and a Local 3 journeyman? How about we start with about $20.00 an hour vs. $56.00 going to $58.00. Maybe a crappy 401K vs. our Deferred Salary Plan, our Annuity Fund, our JIB Pension, our NEBF Pension and our IO Pension. Maybe a medical plan that they pay for each week out of their pocket vs. our JIB Medical, Prescription Drugs, and Dental.

Our Apprentice Training Program, a college degree and the Educational & Cultural Trust Fund courses all free. College tuition reimbursement for you and your spouse. College scholarships and low interest college loans for our children. Camp Integrity and Critical Thinking at the LI Educational Center. Skills enhancement at our state-of-the-art Electrical Industry Training Center in Long Island City.

Our Supplemental Workers Compensation and Disability Benefits, our Safety Programs and Training. Vacations and Holiday pay as well as critical care and death benefits. A work sharing plan and supplemental unemployment benefits that allow us to maintain our medical and even earn pension credits while we are unemployed. Not to mention the job ticket that puts you to work with no interview, no negotiating your rate of pay and a union contract that protects all of us.

That’s the difference. Don’t take it for granted. We have challenges but if we stick together and keep our union strong we will prevail. You make the difference so make it count every day.