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Local 3 members are professionals. We adhere to a Code of Excellence and our customers expect us to live up to those standards. They certainly pay enough for it. I’m proud of our members who understand the importance of that and demonstrate it every day. However, we are all impacted when our customers are subjected to vile and racist graffiti on their job sites, especially when it is clear that it was done by or directed at Local 3 members. And while we cannot be responsible for other trades, we must be accountable to our trade.

The action of a few individuals takes us and our reputation down a notch. At a time when we are competing for every job and our customers have a choice, why would someone jeopardize our opportunity to do the work? If you got a problem, if you are not happy, there are proper ways to deal with your issues. Frankly, I’m embarrassed, and Local 3 will not tolerate the actions of a few individuals that make us all look bad. 

On a much brighter note - a note that shows who we truly are and that celebrates diversity and inclusion in Local #3 - this Sunday is the NYC Pride March. Our members will be celebrating and marching in the streets. All people deserve every right to be who they are and to love who they love, so come out Sunday afternoon and join our sisters and brothers as we celebrate our togetherness.