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There has been much press lately about climate change. I’m reminded that when people of good conscience come together there can be change. Eliminating child labor, ending the Vietnam War and ending apartheid in South Africa are some of the examples of what is possible. Granting women the right to vote and the passing of the Civil Rights Act further demonstrated the ability of Americans to effectuate change.

We can address the devastating effects of climate change if we are willing to meet the challenge. It is an economic fight, with powerful interests looking to protect profits regardless of the proven impact that fossil fuels have had on our environment, the planet we live on, and the plants, animals, and humans that inhabit it. We have a responsibility to our children, grandchildren and future generations to fix this now.

The only way it will be fixed is if our elected representatives make it happen. Our dysfunctional government can’t come to an agreement on almost anything. The partisanship has brought governing for the people to a stop. Paid lobbyists for the oil and coal companies and all the money spread around in campaign contributions rule the day. The elected are only interested in being reelected and big money talks. America was founded on the principles of having a government of the people and for the people and they have failed us miserably on this issue. We have a responsibility to demand that they address this. America needs to petition our government to change course and we need to do it now.