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Last week, Local 3 members were among the thousands of NYC construction workers, contractors, and family members who came together to honor the 16 workers who lost their lives on construction sites over the past year. The 11th annual Workers Memorial Mass was held at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Of the 16 deceased workers, two were union members, including Local 3 member Juan Otoya; 13 were non-union; and one was a security guard on a construction site.

While our industry is dangerous, no worker should lose their life, especially due to unsafe conditions and unscrupulous contractors. While the mass is intended to honor the dead, it is a reminder to all to be vigilant, to work safe, and to continue to fight to ensure the unionized construction industry continues to pressure the non-union construction industry that has directly led to the overwhelming majority of deaths in the NYC construction industry, which are too easily overlooked and accepted by the customers, the public, and our elected officials.