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Historically, every three years the 'A' construction contract is renegotiated. We as a local union have made improvements to our wages and benefits over the years and modified our contract accordingly, to remain competitive while ensuring the work opportunity for our members. It should be apparent that the non-union competition has made significant inroads into our market as developers have embraced the open shop model on several large projects but we must remain vigilant.

The negotiation process has started and as we evaluate the needs of our membership, none are more important than protecting the pension and medical benefits that we all count on, including our retirees. Our negotiating committee is focused on the costs of providing those benefits weighed alongside the need to remain competitive. It is a balance between the willingness to provide our employers the tools necessary to do just that while not giving up any of the hard-fought standards that we enjoy as the best trained, highest skilled, educated and most productive electricians in the world.