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On February 1, 2014, Raymond Diaz’ life changed forever. He was reaching into his trunk for a spare tire on the Staten Island Expressway when a driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck him. Raymond sustained many injuries upon impact, including a traumatic brain injury, spinal fracture and severely broken legs which led to both being amputated above the knee. Raymond was immediately faced with learning how to live his life anew on not just a physical level, but an emotional one. Raymond was a 3rd year apprentice on his way to becoming an “A” journeyman in Local 3.
Despite his circumstances, Raymond was determined to get his life back on track as soon as possible. After his rehabilitation period, he was offered a new position which he immediately accepted. On March 2, 2015, Raymond became an important part of the Welsbach family. He currently works in our Traffic Signal Maintenance dispatch group fielding calls that come in regarding traffic signal repairs that must be done within a quick turnaround time. Raymond optimistically saw this position as an opportunity to get his life back on track again.
Raymond’s ultimate goal is to help others who similarly faced such drastic life changes. Many said he dealt well with transitioning to his new life. Raymond believes what happened to him is a gift in disguise and wants to use it to help others both disabled and able-bodied alike understand that just because one loses a limb or the ability to walk, he or she can still live a purposeful, happy and fulfilling life. At Welsbach, we are all incredibly inspired by his work ethic and positive attitude each day.
On August 10, 2016, Raymond went to Australia for an “Osseointegration” surgery. Osseointegration creates a direct connection between implant and bone without intervening soft tissue. Traditionally used for dental implants, this technique is expanding further into the science of medical bone and joint replacement procedures, particularly prosthetic for amputees. Dr. Al Muderis and the Osseointegration Group of Australia have made profound strides in this area and will be performing Raymond’s surgery.
Raymond’s surgery is likely to cost him over $100,000.00. The Welsbach family will be making a significant donation. We started this fundraiser so that Raymond can go into this surgery with more peace of mind and hopefully come out with better quality of life and the ability to help others. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Raymond’s story.
To support brother Diaz, please contact Business Representative Rick Rollins at 718-591-4000 ext. 405