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Pictured from the (l to r): SIEC Recording Secretary Jack Russo; SIEC Treasurer and Picnic co-chair Vincent Perno; Assistant Business Manager Local 3, IBEW Joseph Santigate; SIEC Vice-President Ronald Wuerch Jr.; 2016 SIEC ‰ÛÏWoman of the Year‰Û� Executive Board member Maureen Steiger; 2016 SIEC ‰ÛÏRank and File‰Û� honoree Richard Stefanski Jr.; President Local 3, IBEW John E. Marchell; SIEC President Thomas Garavuso; SIEC Corresponding Secretary Eric Diez and SIEC Picnic Committee member Allison Ziogas.

On Saturday August 6, 2016 members of the Staten Island Electrical Club of Local 3 gathered with friends and family to celebrate their annual Family Day Picnic and to pay homage to “Woman of the Year” Executive Board member Maureen Steiger and “Rank and File” honoree SIEC member Richard Stefanski Jr. The festive event was held at Nansen Park, 3465 Victory Blvd. located in the Travis section in Staten Island. Consistent with tradition, excitement included a professional magician who parlayed his talent and mesmerized the old and young alike with his magic show. The featured attraction for the children was the 25-foot high aqua slip and slide that had many adults wishing they had brought their bathing suits. Stepping back to take an overview of the scene showed many children and young adults who return year after year experiencing the same fun they enjoyed in earlier years. This enthusiasm ensured that the tradition will continue. Along with active members were the many vibrant retirees in attendance who enjoyed the day, especially the hamburgers and hot dogs, with great enthusiasm.
Staten Island Electrical Club picnic Chairman Nicholas Siclari commenced the day’s ceremonies by welcoming and thanking everyone for attending. Nick acknowledged the officers of Local 3 and Business Representatives, along with current and past officers of the SIEC club and members of the sister clubs and retirees. He then called upon Staten Island Electrical Club President Thomas Garavuso. Tom welcomed all those that attended and thanked everyone for their perpetual support. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those many members who å_donated their time to assist in the picnic preparations. He then called up Assistant Business Manager of Construction Joseph Santigate. Brother Santigate acknowledged all in attendance and congratulated “Woman of the Year” Maureen Steiger and “Rank and File” honoree Richard Stefanski Jr. for their awards. He also recognized and acknowledged all the past retired officers of the SIEC club.
To begin the awards portion of the day, Brother Santigate called up Richard Stefanski Jr. to join him with his friends, family and colleagues to accept the award as “Rank and File” honoree. As Richard’s mom Barbara was presented with a bouquet of flowers, Brother Santigate read Richard’s bio and personally discussed his relationship with the Staten Island Electrical Club. While thanking Rich for his support over the years Brother Santigate presented him with a plaque on behalf of the officers and members of the Staten Island Electrical Club. Brother å_Stefanski graciously accepted his award with reserve and respect.
Returning to the microphone Assistant Business Manager Santigate called upon Local 3 President John E. Marchell to present the “Woman of the Year” award to Executive Board member of Local 3 Maureen Steiger. As a bouquet of flowers was presented to Maureen’s sister, President Marchell read Maureen’s bio and remarked on her many accomplishments along with her dedication and tireless efforts of support to the brothers and sisters of Local 3. President Marchell also enjoyed the pleasure of awarding Sister Steiger with an endearing plaque from the members and officers of the Staten Island Club.
Sister Steiger thanked President Marchell for his friendship and leadership; she also thanked Assistant Business Manager Joseph Santigate along with the members and officers of the Staten Island Electrical Club as recipient of the prestigious “Woman of the Year” award.
Club President Garavuso accepting the microphone from Maureen closed the ceremony events and invited guests to continue the afternoon enjoying abundant food and fun and wished all a safe ride home.