Maintenance Divisions

Lance Van Arsdale was appointed Assistant Business Manager for the Maintenance Division, which consists of approximately 9,000 members in 12 divisions with 7 Business Representatives, in November of 2006. Lance was elected Vice President of the Hotel & Motel Trades Council in November 2007. The Hotel & Motel Trades Council represents 30,000 members in the Hotel Industry. Lance is currently a Trustee of 12 ERISA Benefit Plans covering 77,000 participants.

Lance began his Local Union #3 career in 1975 at the age of 16 when he worked the summers in the Fixture and Supply Divisions and was a part of Lou Stein’s Manufacturing Organizing Committee. He began the “A” Apprentice Program in 1978 and was elected “A” Apprentice Treasurer in 1979 which he served until he was granted his “A” Journeyman card in 1983. Lance completed several telephone switching schools and worked for the Telephone Division in 1985. He was appointed Business Representative in the Manufacturing Department in 1987 assigned to represent the Switchboard Division. In 1990 he took over responsibilities of the Tech, Computer Technicians, X-ray, HVAC Controls and Cable TV Divisions. In 1993 he led the organizing drive for Staten Island Cable which led to their first contract in 1994. In 1998, Lance led negotiations that expanded work jurisdiction to include telephone and internet in Cable TV and set up various training programs which have led the Tech and Cable TV Division members to be the highest paid workers in their industry in the country.

In 1999, Lance led three strikes of approximately 900 members who work for Cable TV contractors which led to the establishment of hourly rates as opposed to the piecework system they were under.

In his 19 years as Business Representative, over 270 different agreements have been negotiated.

Lance graduated from Carl Place High School in 1976. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Labor/ Management Relations from the Harry Van Arsdale, Jr. Center for Labor Studies in 1985 and also attended C.W. Post College for Business Administration.