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The Building & Construction Trades Council and St. Patrick’s Cathedral held the Workers Memorial Mass on Wednesday, May 19 to honor the New York City construction workers who died in worksite incidents from 2020 to early 2021 and those who died from COVID-19. Usually the mass is held on Workers Memorial Day on April 28, however, this year it was delayed due to restrictions that were lifted last week in New York.

Fr. Brian Jordan presided over the mass, which was open to Catholics and adherents of all faiths. Attendees were encouraged to wear their hardhats. In front of the altar were chairs with hardhats representing the 16 victims and the 17th chair with a hardhat representing casualties from COVID-19. BCTC President Gary La Barbera, Business Manager Chris Erikson, and others assisted with the readings.

Please keep the memory of the victims of workplace hazards and all workers who died or were severely injured on the job in your thoughts and prayers.