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Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

In the 2021 local elections, the Democrats on Long Island fell asleep and the Republican Party made significant gains. If President Biden and the Democratic Party lose the majorities in the US House of Representatives or the Senate, his ability to continue to pass legislation that directly benefits you and your family comes to an end. We can only impact the election results in the districts where we live, and I am urging you to vote for the candidates who will allow the most union-friendly President ever to continue to protect our standards and to continue to grow the work opportunity for union electricians.

Don’t be misled or persuaded to vote for any candidate promoting issues that have nothing to do with your economic interest. The Republicans have done nothing for us union workers. Trump and his minions, including Zeldin, could care less about you and would bury our union with "Right-to-Work" laws nationally and here in New York State as well. Why? Because Organized Labor is the only entity standing between the top 1% and greedy corporations from having it all. You are part of the middle class for one reason only — because you are a member of a union, with union wages and union benefits.

We knew what Trump was going to do if he got elected and we got what we deserved during those four years unfortunately. Too many stayed home or were duped and voted the other way. Their priorities weren't Labor's priorities. No union means $20 an hour and no benefits, so explain that to your family. WTFU Trumpers. Get out and vote Union!