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Members of the Westchester Mechanics and the Bronx Acorn Club help feed those less fortunate.

On Tuesday, November 21, members of the Acorn Club, Westchester Mechanics and the White Plains stewards arrived at the Iglesia Episcopal San Andreas Church with cooked turkeys, hams and trays of stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn and desserts. The members set up the dining hall and four food stations after work in preparation for feeding 275 people. Families in southwest Yonkers were greeted by Local 3 members and the staff of San Andreas food pantry committee and were seated in the dining hall around 7:00 p.m. After a prayer and a blessing from Rev. Alejandra Trillos dinner was served. Families kept arriving until 9:00 p.m.and the kitchen crew keep up with the demand.Those that needed a little more were met with food to go to be served on Thanksgiving Day. After speaking with many of the volunteers there was a common remark made by all .... “the gratification we feel now is so emotional and you wanted to feel it again.” This was the first year Local 3 was involved with San Andreas church. It was such a success they are looking forward to next year and their new relationship with Local 3.