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Slow it down and take it easy. We will weather this storm. Life as we knew it has been turned upside down and inside out. Our hearts go out to those members and their families who have contracted this virus and are suffering. The economic impact will be devastating and is predicted to be long term. The government will have a heavy lift providing financial resources for the unemployed and the millions affected by this. Governor Cuomo has been solid and reassuring in dealing with the crisis. Have patience with the Local as we continue to serve the membership in these challenging times. The construction industry has been deemed essential and our members are working despite limited job shutdowns.

Protect yourself as best you can and follow the common sense protocols. We will continue to update the website regarding ways to get paid if you cannot be at work. The reason why you cannot work will determine the benefits available as they vary according to each circumstance, and they are still evolving every day.

Harry urged us, “Be kind. Everyone is putting up a hard fight.” Good advice as we are all in this together. Help those less fortunate, especially the elderly. A retiree, a neighbor or even a stranger may need a helping hand, and even just a "how you doing?" goes a long way. God Bless.