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The IBEW has set up a one-stop shop to check your registration, register to vote at your current address, and/or request a mail-in ballot at To register to vote in New York before the October 9 deadline, click here.

Every state has some form of absentee or mail-in voting option, but the laws governing this process vary. Due to the risk of COVID-19 transmissions in person, absentee voting has been expanded in many states, including New York. If you are voting by absentee, request your ballot as soon as possible.

In New York State, you must apply for an absentee ballot no later than October 27 by mail or November 2 in person. Print and fill out this form (en español) to be sent to your county’s board of elections. After you apply and then receive your ballot, mark your choices following the instructions and return the ballot by mail, in person at your county’s Board of Elections office, or a poll site on November 3.

New York voters will also have the opportunity to vote early in person from October 24-November 1, including weekends. Poll workers are in high demand to adequately staff each voting location, and Governor Cuomo has signed an executive order allowing people to work at the polls without losing their unemployment insurance.

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