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Dr. Makover
Chief Medical Officer JIB

A new program at JIB Medical helps you cope with everyday stress
Stress ‰ÛÒ we all have it, no one likes it and everyone struggles to cope with it.
Good news ‰ÛÒ help is at hand!
JIB Medical has developed a new, easy and enjoyable program open to all participants that will help you understand stress, recognize when it is affecting you and teach you how to help reduce and manage it.
What is stress?
Stress seems a little mysterious, like an outside force that grips us. Actually, it is a choice that we make, often out of habit. The great news is that anything you choose you can choose differently and any habit you learned can be unlearned.
One kind of stress is what we feel when bad things happen to us. Life can be quite painful at times, but we get to decide just how much it affects us.
The most common type of stress is when we feel anxious, angry and depressed about something we fear might happen but has not yet occurred. It is human nature to think about the future. Planning ahead and considering what to do if things go wrong is very sensible. On the other hand, agonizing about things that have not yet happened and very likely will not causes us unnecessary damage, distraction and unhappiness.
The good news!
We can learn to break the stress habit and to find much more satisfying and effective ways to deal with life’s challenges. The SOS Program is designed to do just that and it works for every kind of person.
While most people do not realize that stress is a choice, anyone can learn better ways to deal with the many strains and problems of everyday life. The choice is always yours.
We do not realize how much the small stresses we experience daily can drag us down, exhaust us, affect our enjoyment of life, sap our energy, lead us to poor decisions and even damage our health.
Even when bad things actually do happen, we can learn to make better choices of how we cope with loss, difficulty, conflicts and all the rest that sadly punctuate our lives.
The SOS Program at JIB Medical can change how you think about stress
Our SOS Program at JIB Medical is conducted by Dr. Mariusz Mikulec, who has been performing acupuncture at JIB Medical for many years. He has come on staff full time to add stress-relief training to his acupuncture service. He is highly trained and experienced in the scientifically well-founded techniques of stress management.
Stress coping techniques include Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation Training and more (acupuncture is a separate service and not part of SOS). All are easy, pleasant and do not involve anything you need to ‘believe in’ ‰ÛÒ nothing religious, unusual or difficult to understand. All are straightforward and common sense. People from every walk of life, every age and every background have found them invaluable.
These techniques are now part of mainstream medicine and all have been proven effective by multiple scientific studies. All are being used by medical schools and major medical centers and have also become very important in other fields, including psychology, substance abuse and more.
The SOS Program is invaluable for three situations:
1.?Pretty much for every one of us ‰ÛÒ we all struggle with the stresses of everyday life, without even realizing they are affecting us. Managing stress better helps makes life better. The stress you may not even realize is happening can greatly limit your enjoyment and success in life. Once you learn to control it, you can discover how much better you feel.
2.?For others for whom stress affects them much more than average and they struggle to cope. They can learn excellent techniques to reduce their stress much more effectively.
3.?Some have fallen into ‘self-medicating’ their stress with tobacco, alcohol or other drugs and would like to find a much better and safer way to cope with the problems they are trying to cover up with substances that hurt their mind and body. Stress management might not eliminate the problem by itself, but certainly can help move you along the road to success. Our MAP Program, under Dr. John Krachenfels (718-591-2000, ext. 1396), can also greatly help you in these areas if you’d like and can coordinate with our stress management program.
How it works
The SOS Program currently includes two sessions of one hour each (acupuncture is a separate program and requires a separate appointment). All you need to bring is you and a desire to learn.
If you are interested, please call (718) 591-2014 for more information or an appointment.