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The stars are certainly lined up here in New York, and you know what, they are not in our favor. Think about it. Local 3 members on strike for 7 months against Charter/Spectrum are fighting to hold on to their union benefits. Corporate greed is at its worst in our New York City.
The Building Trades are in a real fight as well. The open shop model promoted by the developers in this city directly impacts our work opportunity and livelihood. Non-union electricians in Hudson Yards is an absolute disgrace. Big time profits for the owners while the workers get squeezed. Take it or leave it twenty dollars an hour, no benefits. The residential construction boom in Long Island City has passed us by and most of the other unionized building trades as well. More corporate greed right here in New York City.
The organized attack on New York’s public sector workers and their unions has also arrived. Public employees have traditionally foregone higher wages for promised medical and retirement security. Sounds like a fair deal. Not anymore. New deal. In many states across this country private sector workers no longer have pensions or retiree medical coverage. Clarification, in Right to Work states many private sector workers no longer have pensions or retiree medical coverage either and the sentiment is “then why should public employees have that and why should I have to pay for it?.”
Public and private sector workers’ rights protected by the New York State Constitution will absolutely be in play if New Yorkers vote to hold a constitutional convention. Do not be fooled by slick and slippery television advertisements. VOTE NO on PROPOSAL 1. NO CON-CON. Not now. Not here in New York State.
Want more stars? National Right to Work. Big star. Supreme Court decisions eliminating not only dues check off, but the actual right to require the payment of dues for union representation. This translates to there will be no unions. How about the constellation of Trump appointments and the decisions to follow by the NLRB and the DOL? Every rule put in place to give working men and women a little bit of a chance by Obama is done and over. Affordable health care, done. Trump tax reform. There is just no way this can be good for us.
Us? Yeah, us. You know, the working class, us. Oh, forgive me, I didn’t realize you forgot which side of the tracks we come from. Let me remind you. Local 3 members have been very fortunate and have enjoyed a pretty good deal for one reason and one reason only. Our membership is active. They participate in meetings, rallies, parades. They vote.
That is our strength. Eternal Vigilance.
It should be obvious that given all of the challenges we face, organized Labor needs to go back to the basics regarding those who choose to run for office. We need to reward our friends and punish our enemies. Big money in politics is driving the bus right now. Their interests are not ours. However, we can turn it around by supporting candidates who will protect the working class. It is going to take more than just politicians to turn it around, we need you. Support Labor’s endorsements and vote. Vote no on the Constitutional Convention. No excuses.