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The newly ratified 35-month “A” contract was a win win for the Construction members of Local 3 and our electrical contractors. We reached a fair agreement that addressed the needs of both parties and it was overwhelmingly ratified by both the members of the “A” construction, “A” Telephone, the “M” and RE/RW divisions, the ADM and the Expeditors; as well as the employer members of the New York Electrical Contractors Association (NYECA) and the Association of Electrical Contractors (AEC).
The contract will expire one month short of a 3-year agreement in order to report future changes in the next agreement by the new May 1st deadline for Prevailing Rate notification.
The contract provides for needed adjustments to fund the medical costs as well as improvements in the pension for both active and retired members. The parties also agreed to an increase in order to ensure the improved death benefits in the Annuity Plan. The deferred $2.00 per hour wage increase in the second year for “A” rated electricians was part of the economic package that totaled 7.39% overall.
Despite the challenges that we face in New York City the unionized electrical contracting industry is well positioned to meet those challenges in order to ensure that the members of Local 3 get the work. While the projected work opportunity looks good for the near future we must not let our guard down and allow the encroachment of non-Union contractors to continue. We must be vigilant, productive and active in order to protect the high standards that we enjoy. Every man and woman must commit to the success of every project if we expect to get the next job.
The developers and construction managers have been making a concerted effort to operate open shop in NYC with measured success in the residential market. We have taken bold steps in order to compete and until we raise the standards of the non-union electrical workers who are being exploited by unscrupulous contractors we will continue to face unfair competition.
The agreement also addresses the need to be competitive in the low voltage/tele-data market which has also been decimated by non-union and union workers covered by substandard union contracts. We will make every effort to recapture that market.
Despite being the most highly skilled and productive workforce in this city our membership understands the reasons for the need for the market recovery measures necessary for us to continue to survive. Our high standards are worth every cent on every job when Local 3 electricians put their skills and pride on display every day. The Code of Excellence is not just a phase but a proclamation to our customers that we, the IBEW, delivers the best product in the world.
Proudly the industry will require all supervisors to takes a diversity training course ensuring that every member of Local 3 is treated with respect and that the opportunity to run work is afforded to all members regardless of their race, the color of their skin, or their gender or sexual orientation. Our diversity is our strength and embracing it will only make our union stronger.
This contract will provide stability to our industry and the progress that our members deserve and we will continue to protect our work opportunity and the Local 3 benefits that our families enjoy; the benefits that the legacy of Harry Van Arsdale Jr. and his associates created for us and that we have continued to build on. God Bless Local 3 and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers