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Local 3 and Charter Communications have ended the battle that has gone on for nearly 10 years.

Local 3 waged a strong and hard-fought campaign, which supported the striking members throughout the 5-years long strike. Members were entitled to strike benefits, Local 3 members in other divisions contributed to help the strikers, and picket lines were staffed in order to show our strong presence. Despite our relentless efforts, Charter was able to operate throughout the strike. With the membership in mind, the Union achieved the best possible outcome it could obtain. The alternative of continuing the strike remained unknown with no guarantee that a new collective bargaining agreement would have ever been agreed to. That is the unfortunate reality. After lengthy consideration, it was determined that the Union had expended a great deal of resources to maintain the strike with the hope of resolving the same amicably. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, a settlement that included continued representation of Charter employees was no longer realistic. It became apparent that the timing was right to reach a settlement of all the pending matters.

A Settlement Agreement has been reached that resolves all disputes between Local 3 and Charter, including resolution of all matters before the NLRB and the American Arbitration Association and an agreed-upon amount of its withdrawal liability to the Pension Plan. In addition, the Union will no longer represent Charter employees in the New York City area. Neither party is able to disclose or discuss the full details of the Settlement Agreement.

By letter of April 27, 2022, Assistant Business Manager Lance Van Arsdale, explained the basic terms of the settlement within the confines of what is permitted by the Settlement Agreement and informed those members with temporary “M” Division cards how to transfer to the “M” Division.

It is unfortunate that we no longer represent the employees of Charter. However, we are proud that we fought for as long and hard as we did and we brought Charter to the table to resolve all outstanding issues. There is no shame in having fought the good fight.