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I reported at the October General Membership meeting last Thursday that the percent unemployed in the Construction Division exceeded 10%, thus triggering the work-sharing plan. Effective November 4, 2019 through October 30, 2020, all ‘A’-rated electricians and ‘A’-rated Telephone journeymen who are subject to furlough will be required to take an 8-week furlough. You will receive a letter from the Joint Board with all of the requirements of the plan.

Unemployment puts many of our members under severe economic hardship. We are fortunate to be the only Local Union in the IBEW and the only union in the Building Trades that has such a plan. We anticipate that over 700 electricians will be referred out to work as furlough replacements. By getting back to work, their medical coverage will remain intact and the coming holiday season will be a lot brighter for many of them.

When the members of our union look out for one another and share the work opportunity we are stronger, and we are always stronger together. God Bless Local 3, God Bless the IBEW.