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This week (November 14-20) is the 8th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW)! Each year, NAW gives us an opportunity to highlight how Registered Apprenticeships like Local 3 IBEW’s are a proven training model to address local and national workforce challenges such as rebuilding infrastructure, meeting supply chain demands, and creating a clean-energy economy.


In case you missed it, Local 3 held a special induction ceremony for over 300 1st-3rd year apprentices in the Electrical Industry Center Auditorium on August 25.

With the Biden Administration in the White House and the Department of Labor, we now have federal backing for Registered Apprenticeships, emphasizing opportunities for women, minorities, and veterans in all industries. On November 10, President Joe Biden issued A Proclamation on National Apprenticeship Week. In-person and virtual events will be held each day of the week based on the following themes:

  • Registered Apprenticeship in New and Emerging Industries
  • Pre-Apprenticeship and Youth Apprenticeship
  • Expanding Registered Apprenticeship to Underserved Populations
  • Women in Apprenticeship
  • Public Service Apprenticeship and Veterans in Apprenticeship

Watch Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh’s kickoff video and visit the DOL’s website for more information on how to support National Apprenticeship Week and Registered Apprenticeships.