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Under the direction of Business Manager Christopher Erikson, Business Representative Ben Arana was assigned to coordinate the efforts to assemble a team of 15 “A” journeyå_persons to travel to Puerto Rico with their tools to help get their systems on line. On October 4th at 7 am they started their journey to Puerto Rico.
God bless Local 3 and our members.

The members that went are:

Lou Alvarez
Danny Nguyen
Manny Yllescas
Jason Rivera
Edwin Napoleoni
Francisco Bueso (Cisco)
Mark Estrada
Patrick Glennon
Tony Ramos
Christopher Nunez
Freddy Torres
Lina Lopez
Rich Ruiz
Kevin Glennon
Lenny Copicotto Jr

If anybody is interested in going, you must be a journeyman.
You can call 591-4000 where the receptionist is creating a list of additional volunteers. As we are asked to provide additional assistance we will.
We are under the BCTC and the AFL-CIO. For this first wave of volunteers they covered the air fare, room and board, and 3 meals a day. The location of operations is the coliseum in San Juan and we dispatch from there.