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For all the right reasons, Local 3 and IBEW Locals 25 and 1049 and Local 1-2 of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA), AFL-CIO endorsed Congressman Tom Suozzi for Governor in the Democratic primary. UCOMM Blog did a story on the endorsement press conference which you can read here. Tom made his case to IBEW Business Managers across the state. His common sense approach for transitioning to renewables drew the support of some of the IBEW and UWUA Utility Locals.

Additionally, we tapped into the long relationship we have had with Tom Suozzi. We believe he brings a common sense approach to governing. His executive experience and rejection of the unsettling politics of the extreme factions of both the left in the Democratic Party and the extreme right in the Republican Party will focus his attention on the middle where most of us reside. We believe he will use a well-grounded, common sense approach to address the tough issues like crime, taxes, schools, and energy policy that affect all of us. He understands the value that unions and union jobs bring to the economy of New York, as well as the importance of the success of big and small businesses.

Tom has always fought for the middle class. He knows that a vibrant, diverse and inclusive successful middle class made up of committed public employees and hard working men and women in the private sector is critical to moving New York State forward. The Democratic nominee will face a Republican whose values rarely align with the trade union movement. Let’s not drop the ball, let's get this done.