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In 2019, the JIB retained an outside law firm to handle claims under the Legal Services Plan for active participants. Many items are handled directly by the firm of Feldman, Kramer, & Monaco, P.C., including consultations, real estate matters, adoptions, wills, document reviews, elder law, estate planning, and trusts among other services.

Recently, FK&M has created a digital app that offers easy access for service of many of the covered items under our Plan. Not everything on the app is covered by our plan as per the plan rules, but the firm will work with the members of Local 3 directly to ensure you can take advantage of what is available to you either for free or at a discounted rate.

Additionally, FK&M is working with members to receive COVID-19 Funeral Assistance money through FEMA. Call 800-292-8063 ext. 249 for more information on this program.